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Bluebell’s Holiday

Puppy Bluebell is the cream to our cookie, the icing to our cake and the cheese to our pizza. Ok, I don’t know why they all become food related but I don’t think Bubby would mind. Recently, we took Bluebell on holiday and being the queen that she is, insisted on having her photo everywhere she went and so here is our wiggle bum spaniel soaking up the Whitby life. X EKD

Midnight in Florence

Giggling, I swayed down the cobbled path clutching onto the corner of my purple pleated skirt as we meandered down the dreamy streets of Florence. It was about 12.05am and the Duomo was in sight; with each swinging stride, my gold Gucci shoes twinkled in the Italian moonlight. A few hours previous we happened upon an angelic bistro where we ate steak and drank lashing of red wine over candlelight – my first ever glass in fact. We only arrived in Florence that morning and between a visit to the Gucci Museo and the most delightful scoop of chocolate mousse gelato, I was utterly entranced. As we ran around the Tuscan capital, I eagerly photographed the views and then we arrived at the Duomo… In absolute awe, I FaceTimed my family because I just had to show them what I was looking at in that very moment. Fortunately, just 3 days after my return my Mum booked a family trip to Florence and so I don’t have to wait too long to be reunited with chocolate …

My Santorini Makeup Look

I was discussing with my friend the other day about outfit and makeup planning… Something I like to do before I drift off into a deep beauty sleep – why is it called that? I usually wake up with a new spot right in the centre of my forehead and an unsightly kink in my hair… When an occasion pops up, be it a London trip, a family dinner or a summer getaway, my makeup look must be premeditated. Since my collection is forever growing, I like to shop my stash and make use of products or add new ones, when I can and so… I have my Santorini makeup look with hues of turquoise and coral! First up, we have my Chanel Les Beige Tinted Moisturiser. I use the shade 010 however I think I will be picking up 020 when I am tanned. I bought this a few months ago and I have used it everyday since – My ten foundations are feeling neglected, I’m sure! – I adore this product, it has …


After much deliberation, my family and I decided upon Santorini for our holiday next summer and it is all booked! We are so excited to go back and experience the amazing and picturesque city! I’m sure it will come around quicker than we imagine, however it is always fun to have trips to look forward too. I can’t wait to witness the greatest sunset in the world again! Emily

My Top Three Holiday Destinations

As my family and I are deciding upon our holiday destination for 2015, for yet another Dale Adventure, I couldn’t help but reminisce over my favourites. Travelling to Dubai through 2005 and 2006 were my favourite of all time, going to The Burj Al Arab and exploring the middle east was the greatest pleasure and certainly one I will always remember. The luxury and decadence Dubai radiates is unmistakable and is certainly my favourite country in the world. There is nothing like an ocean that is crystal clear, turquoise and actually hot, complete with white sand. Camel rides along the shore and tobogganing at Ski Dubai are my recommended to-do’s along with a visit to the Wild Wadi Waterpark!   Dubai is definitely somewhere I wish to travel to again and is most certainly on my top three travel destinations. Exploring Morocco over ten times in the last ten years has been a magnificent experience and truly unique. Marrakech and Fez being my favourite cities. The wonder and the mystery of all the tiny streets …