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Acne Studios: The Canada Scarf

I couldn’t help but wonder what my most worn piece in my wardrobe is and after much consideration, I decided upon my Acne Studios Canada scarves. I currently have two and intend on acquiring more colours in the near future. Not only are they pure Italian quality, they’re basically a blanket luxuriously disguised as a scarf. They compliment my tiresome commute impeccably, and make it even easier for me to tilt my head comfortably whilst I snooze ungracefully on the train at 7.42am. Composed of 100% wool, a Canada scarf is an Acne Studios staple and will keep you warm in oversized style, flattering any coat or cosy knit.  I reach for mine everyday and find the understated and simplistic vibe of Acne to be my preferred one at present. As I build my accessory collection, I find myself choosing pieces that I not only adore but that will always frame my wardrobe effortlessly. My Canada scarves are my go-to and a piece I would warmly recommend investing in. #chicvibesonly   EKD X

All The Vibes of 2016

I’d like to think that with every passing year, EKD is all the wiser and this year, I actually feel I am. Well when I say wiser, perhaps I mean happier? or content? or maybe this is just how one feels when the notion Gucci is life is finally realised? This year, I began to feel like myself – Yes I know, what a peculiar idea. But it’s true, I’ve never felt more like myself than I do now and I believe this has somewhat contributed to the overall success of my 21st year. I spent too much time on trains this year however, I refined the art of clutching my handbag in my lap whilst snoozing ungracefully on a 7am commute. I also ate more Italian food than ever and found myself eagerly planning all the trips I intend to take in 2017. My list is as follows (in no particular order) Rome, Florence, Milan and Paris. This list, which is constantly being added to, will be completed by next Christmas and I can’t …