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Won’t You Take Me To Flavourtown

Sometimes I think I should’ve been named Emily Cake instead of Emily Kate for the simple reason that I am a cake connoisseur. Is there really anything more disappointing that dry cake? Or grainy icing? Or tasteless sponge? NO, there is not. And so, I went on the hunt for the best cake in town and I actually found it, at Flavourtown Bakery in Fulham. The vanilla rainbow cake, to be exact and what a dream it is. Moist, fluffy and decadent, the cake at FT is so addictively good that my friend and I did a drive-by at 9am to satisfy cake cravings for breakfast – it was so worth it! EKD X

Bluebell’s Holiday

Puppy Bluebell is the cream to our cookie, the icing to our cake and the cheese to our pizza. Ok, I don’t know why they all become food related but I don’t think Bubby would mind. Recently, we took Bluebell on holiday and being the queen that she is, insisted on having her photo everywhere she went and so here is our wiggle bum spaniel soaking up the Whitby life. X EKD

The Perfect Sunday

Since moving down to London, my favourite Sundays have been spent in Richmond, at Petersham Nurseries. This is mostly due to the spectacular curated spaces they have which inspire me to buy plants instead of lipstick and partly because it makes me forget I am in central London – which is exactly what one needs after a week of running on the hamster wheel. My friend introduced me to Petersham Nurseries and I know for a fact I would never have discovered it on my own. Their coffee, croissants and brownies hit that mid morning spot and the innovative decor makes me feel like I’ve stepped into Alice’s wonderland! EKD X

Fun and Fearless

It was July 2011, I was 16 and Rihanna was the only girl in the world finding love in a hopeless place. I had just bought my first Cosmopolitan magazine and if I remember correctly, neon tribal patterns were rife in River Island. In the editor’s letter of August 2011, Louise Court wrote that ‘Cosmo’s mantra is all about helping women get the most out of life’ – between that and noticing FOR FUN FEARLESS FEMALES printed along the magazine spine, I was hooked and consequently added a new issue to my shelf every month. Whether it be beauty, style or career advice, the Cosmopolitan empire has me covered and lately I’ve been turning to for some late night reading –  check this out by the way, Laura Capon always makes me LOL! To this day, the editor’s letter is still the page I look forward to reading as it always inspires me and this month is no exception. The August 2017 issue is such a good read and this time, Farrah Storr details her own …

Feelin’ 22

It’s Wednesday 22nd March and it’s my 22nd Birthday next week. I’ve had to stop writing and search out Taylor Swifts’ album Red, so I can write about feeling twenty-two whilst singing 22. Whilst planning a Birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant, it occurred to me that no respectable party was without invites and so I turned to my go-to stationary site Papier and found the invitations my chic vibes only status would approve of – naturally this included a yellow striped envelope because yellow really is the colour of the season, if you didn’t already know. For a whole host of reasons, my birthday this year feels so much more than it has ever done previously. After a Dior filled 21st, I didn’t think I could top it so soon however, with new season Gucci vibes, an Italian adventure and the dinner party of my dreams with some truly fab friends – Feelin’ 22 has never felt better.   X EKD

V Day in 200 Words

My friends thought I was kidding when I jested that I’d be spending Valentines alone with my cats… It’s become a sort of tradition for me to be hunched uncomfortably over my university textbooks for the duration of ‘New Michael Kors watch from my boy!’ and Lucky girl hashtags. Although, this time last year I had just bought my Dior bag yesterday and was working all day today. I remember I didn’t mind at all because who needs love when you have a Lady? My lips aren’t red; my nails aren’t either however; I have reached the point where I need a manicure more than I need £20. I also have no intention of watching P.S I Love You, which I actually never liked anyway. But, at the risk of feeling lonely I did do a last minute Charbonnel order, you know just so I have something to spend V day with. For fear of working too hard on my grammar essay (never going to happen), I’m going to begin mapping my heart because I do …

Who Likes Change Anyway?

When I consider the prospect of change, my abrupt reaction has always been, “oh no! I don’t like change!” However, the past year has been filled with change – the majority of which has been pretty wonderful… This got me thinking about the changes which are coming in the upcoming months and after dwelling far too deeply, I found myself tearful on platform 3 of Piccadilly train station. Lovely… Basically, my best friend is relocating to live her Italian dream – I couldn’t be happier for you bella! But life won’t be the same without you. I also finish my degree in 4 months’ time. My five-year endeavor is coming to an end, thank goodness. However, will I relish in the accomplishment? Or crumble trying to hustle and see first hand if one really can have it all? Oh and my sister is getting married! The most anticipated event in the family calendar to date is rapidly approaching – Soon, my sister will no longer be a Miss E Dale. I guess the advantage of having your best friend located …

All The Vibes of 2016

I’d like to think that with every passing year, EKD is all the wiser and this year, I actually feel I am. Well when I say wiser, perhaps I mean happier? or content? or maybe this is just how one feels when the notion Gucci is life is finally realised? This year, I began to feel like myself – Yes I know, what a peculiar idea. But it’s true, I’ve never felt more like myself than I do now and I believe this has somewhat contributed to the overall success of my 21st year. I spent too much time on trains this year however, I refined the art of clutching my handbag in my lap whilst snoozing ungracefully on a 7am commute. I also ate more Italian food than ever and found myself eagerly planning all the trips I intend to take in 2017. My list is as follows (in no particular order) Rome, Florence, Milan and Paris. This list, which is constantly being added to, will be completed by next Christmas and I can’t …

Vibes 1.11.16

Currently Posting on Instagram Stories – All about those chic vibes! Missing Thomas’s at Burberry Regent Street! Wearing My Posh Spice shoes from ASOS…I am obsessed, so I bought a silver pair too! Loving Spending time with friends Feeling My revamped logo! Drinking Champagne! A strawb on the side is an essential Listening Starving, Hailee Steinfeld ft. Zedd! Hating That my Jet Black iPhone 7 won’t arrive for 2 more weeks! Reading The Coveteur book! It’s INSANSE Styling I love having this in my collection! EKD X


On Thursday 31st March, I celebrated my 21st Birthday. Who am I kidding? I celebrated my birthday for about three weeks, and it was utterly wonderful. The preparations began back in January, when I went scouting for my gift, the gift I would buy for myself and one that was fitting for a 21st. I initially wandered into Chanel, thinking an iconic Double Flap would be my bag of choice, as I have lusted after one for 10 years. However, I didn’t have the princess moment I was hoping for and swiftly drifted in and then out again of Saint Laurent, again with disappointment. Surprised at my lack of interest thus far yet still eager as ever, I found myself seated elegantly in Christian Dior, supping champagne (something I never usually do!) and admiring a Lady. It was exactly a month later that I purchased my large Lady Dior bag in black lambskin with gold-tone hardware. I felt like Princess Diana and it was romantic and magical… exactly how I imagined and hoped it would …