Author: Emily Kate Dale

The Cleansing Step You’re Missing

Not only do we have scrub our entire body so we feel as silky as an Hermes scarf, we should also be exfoliating our scalp?! I put the new IGK Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub, £31 to the test to see if we should all be adding this extra step to our cleansing routine. My initial thoughts on this were not great – I wasn’t keen on the scent and I really struggled to get into my scalp with the product to actually give it a scrub. Instead, my hair felt clogged and I couldn’t wait to wash it off. Luckily, I felt full of second chances and gave it another go. I’m still not a fan of the scent however, I do like the cooling effect it gives. I slathered the paste down my parting and thoroughly massaged it into my scalp before going all over my hair with it and since I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days, it really needed it. Post wash, I went in with my Noughty Blondie Locks Conditioner …

Givenchy Hydra Collection

The new hydrating hits from Givenchy got me deviating from my usual skincare routine to try the bubbly Hydra Sparkling Lotion, £33 and Hydra Sparkling Serum, £55 to see if my skin cravings could be quenched. I can’t lie, my favourite aspect of this collection is the packaging with the infused bubbles but even on my sensitive skin, this hydrating pair worked a treat. Both have a lightweight formula that glides onto the skin leaving a refreshing sensation. The gel texture of both is something I didn’t expect to be keen on however, I really like it! This texture is perfect for the warmer months as it is so refreshing on the skin. The lotion is thin and silky but it is perfumed which is an aspect I really  dislike in skincare. It leaves my skin so smooth and moisturised though and makeup sits well on top. Again, the Serum is perfumed and has the gel consistency. Layered over the lotion, my skin is cooled and as a result, feels plump and hydrated. My face visibly …


It’s day 3 post hair wash and I’m swiping on layers of Rodin lipstick in the hopes that no one will notice. I curl my eye lashes up to the sky and begin to coat them with Glossier Lash Slick, £14 for the first time – within moments I can tell it’s going to be my greatest lash day ever. When it comes to getting ready in the morning, I can usually tell fairly early on whether it’s going to be a good hair day or whether my makeup is going to be on point but rarely do I even consider my lashes… They’re short and lifeless and even with a curl and lashings of mascara, they still disappoint. Glossier Lash Slick is a mascara I never knew I wanted. It enhances my own lashes and gives me flexible length, separation and flutter with absolute ease and yet they just look like I’m having a good lash day. Housed in the predictably pink packaging and delivered in the handy glossier pouch, this mascara looks wonderful both …

Ready For This Jelly

When it comes to my caring for my skin, I’m finding my 6-step skincare routine isn’t cutting it. Just like a hot bubble bath at the end of a long day, my face also needs to de-stress and so the Kiehls Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydrating Masque, £44 has become my bi-weekly nightcap. Twice a week, after a pre and double cleanse, I slather the yellow jelly all over my face and neck and I try to make a real effort to r e l a x. It feels lightweight on the skin and I find the cooling effect seriously refreshing, especially after the humid heat we’re feeling at the moment. Face masks have previously been sectioned into two categories in my mind – 1. A sloppy green paste housed in a sachet, the kind you’d buy from Superdrug for a £1 and resembles a Herbal Essences ad or 2. A drying charcoal masque which sucks the impurities and life out of your skin. Obviously, I’m now more informed and aware of the huge variety …

Boldly Bare

Who says you have to go all out to be knockout? From sheer foundations to beautifully enhanced brows and soft balmy lips, take your makeup bare to feel bold this summer. The standout trend from S/S18 was to bare it all and I am so here for it! From flawless filtered Charlotte Tilbury skin to Glossier ‘I just woke up like this‘ vibes, I am ready to go sheer and glossy in the hopes that I too, will look somewhat like Gigi Hadid. Boy Brow recently changed my life, framed my face and ensured I would receive kudos from commuters. Stroked upwards, my brows appear bushy and ready for anything – What more do I need? Thanks Glossier. Dior Lip Glow has been rolling around in the bottom of my handbag for years but now my cult favourite is available in 9 hydrating shades. When I’m not swiping on 001, I’m rubbing Lanolips Lemonade into my chapped pout as it’s the perfect primer to prep for lipstick. I’m in a casual relationship with the IT …


“Hi. It’s Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted to let you know that I’m getting married. To myself. I’m registered at Manolo Blahnik. So thanks. Bye.”  

Won’t You Take Me To Flavourtown

Sometimes I think I should’ve been named Emily Cake instead of Emily Kate for the simple reason that I am a cake connoisseur. Is there really anything more disappointing that dry cake? Or grainy icing? Or tasteless sponge? NO, there is not. And so, I went on the hunt for the best cake in town and I actually found it, at Flavourtown Bakery in Fulham. The vanilla rainbow cake, to be exact and what a dream it is. Moist, fluffy and decadent, the cake at FT is so addictively good that my friend and I did a drive-by at 9am to satisfy cake cravings for breakfast – it was so worth it! EKD X

Bluebell’s Holiday

Puppy Bluebell is the cream to our cookie, the icing to our cake and the cheese to our pizza. Ok, I don’t know why they all become food related but I don’t think Bubby would mind. Recently, we took Bluebell on holiday and being the queen that she is, insisted on having her photo everywhere she went and so here is our wiggle bum spaniel soaking up the Whitby life. X EKD

The Perfect Sunday

Since moving down to London, my favourite Sundays have been spent in Richmond, at Petersham Nurseries. This is mostly due to the spectacular curated spaces they have which inspire me to buy plants instead of lipstick and partly because it makes me forget I am in central London – which is exactly what one needs after a week of running on the hamster wheel. My friend introduced me to Petersham Nurseries and I know for a fact I would never have discovered it on my own. Their coffee, croissants and brownies hit that mid morning spot and the innovative decor makes me feel like I’ve stepped into Alice’s wonderland! EKD X

My Beauty Secrets

It was August 2014 when I bought my very first jar of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. A pop-up counter had just arrived in Selfridges Manchester and I was absolutely desperate to try the mystical potion of wonder for myself. 3 years on and countless different creams later, I find myself right back where I started – infatuated with Magic Cream. From Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré to Clarins HydraQuench and Kiehls Ultra Face Cream, nothing compares to CT MC, despite all my eager efforts. My secret to beautiful skin is a thorough skincare routine; this sumptuous crème has a light and illuminating formula like no other and instantly hydrates my lacklustre complexion. Magic Cream exudes a decadent rose aroma that is delicately feminine and as the glamorous jar resides on my vanity, I can’t help but think that this cream will always be worth its mighty £70 price tag. As I discussed here, I love using cream products especially in the summer because they create such a radiant and skin-like finish. Thus, when I spied the Nars Orgasm …