I’m Emily Kate Dale – A 20-something graduate and writer, living in London. When I’m not blogging, online shopping or watching Suits in my pyjamas, I’m poring over Cosmopolitan magazine or at a champagne bar, wearing Gold Gucci shoes and chatting about my need for yellow accessories.

I have interests in luxury fashion, beauty and travel but I also love to watch reruns of Sex and The City whilst I iron my bedding. I daydream about Fortnums hot chocolate, I cook bolognese at least twice a week and I have 6 cats. My style is inspired by the likes of Princess Diana, Carrie Bradshaw and Christian Dior; I look for elegance, structure and romance and most recently I’m known for sporting brightly coloured headbands!

I created EKD three years ago and as my style and aesthetic evolves, my fascination with chic vibes, beauty and of course Dior, still remains. I am the girl creating her very own colourful future, constantly aiming for #girlboss status and always representing #chicvibesonly.





  1. Your blog layout is so freaking BEAUTIFUL and sophisticated!
    Thank you for the follow and I hope I can follow your example through! I have no doubt that in the future you will write for a fashion/beauty magazine. I haven’t read any of your articles yet, but I have read your “about me” page. You truly are a gifted writer. As soon as I started reading I was hooked. Can’t wait to read more of your post. Can we say instant subscribe from me! 😀

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