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Pass Me The Bubbly

The new hydrating hits from Givenchy got me deviating from my usual skincare routine to try the bubbly Hydra Sparkling Lotion, £33 and Hydra Sparkling Serum, £55 to see if my skin cravings could be quenched.

I can’t lie, my favourite aspect of this collection is the packaging with the infused bubbles but even on my sensitive skin, this hydrating pair worked a treat. Both have a lightweight formula that glides onto the skin leaving a refreshing sensation.

The gel texture of both is something I didn’t expect to be keen on however, I really like it! This texture is perfect for the warmer months as it is so refreshing on the skin. The lotion is thin and silky but it is perfumed which is an aspect I really  dislike in skincare. It leaves my skin so smooth and moisturised though and makeup sits well on top.

Again, the Serum is perfumed and has the gel consistency. Layered over the lotion, my skin is cooled and as a result, feels plump and hydrated. My face visibly appears to be glowing and radiant which makes it a winner in my book. The unique formula is a joy to use; when you pump some onto your hand, the blob is filled with bubbles and is wonderfully apparent when you rub it into the skin.

For the Summer, these two are dreamy and refreshing and let’s be honest, I never can resist the bubbly, especially when it’s the good stuff.