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Midnight in Florence

Giggling, I swayed down the cobbled path clutching onto the corner of my purple pleated skirt as we meandered down the dreamy streets of Florence.

It was about 12.05am and the Duomo was in sight; with each swinging stride, my gold Gucci shoes twinkled in the Italian moonlight. A few hours previous we happened upon an angelic bistro where we ate steak and drank lashing of red wine over candlelight – my first ever glass in fact.

We only arrived in Florence that morning and between a visit to the Gucci Museo and the most delightful scoop of chocolate mousse gelato, I was utterly entranced.

As we ran around the Tuscan capital, I eagerly photographed the views and then we arrived at the Duomo… In absolute awe, I FaceTimed my family because I just had to show them what I was looking at in that very moment.

Fortunately, just 3 days after my return my Mum booked a family trip to Florence and so I don’t have to wait too long to be reunited with chocolate mousse gelato!

Midnight in Florence will be a memory I shall always treasure; I can’t wait to show my family the city that took my breath away.





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