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Tips For Shopping Luxury

It’s no secret that my idea of a perfect afternoon involves a meander around Dior, a glass or three of Moët and a ribbon wrapped box of Pierre Hermé macarons thus, I feel like it’s about time I share some of my tips for shopping luxury.

As a former luxury sales associate, I can offer advice from both sides of the till and ensure you not only have a memorable experience but also avoid buyers regret!

Make Friends

Frequenting the same boutique or concession and building a loyal relationship with a sales assistant is essential in ensuring you get the most out of your shopping experience. Not only will you receive fantastic customer service whenever you pop in, you’ll be emailed when new collections arrive and receive invitations to exclusive in-store events.

Furthermore, I’ve also found my amazing SA’s to sway me from being lured by seasonal pieces and thank goodness because otherwise I’d be clutching a suede turquoise Givenchy Shark right now instead of a Lady Dior.

Start a fitting room

When sashaying around your favourite luxury department store, start a fitting room! Instead of lugging clothes around the shop floor, take the sales assistant up on their offer of putting them in the changing rooms for you – this will not only free your hands to stroke the Valentino, but it will also pair you with an SA who can help you find what you’re looking for.

Ask for help

When shopping luxury, the sales assistant has the product and brand knowledge to ensure you spend your money wisely. When you’re approached, ask for help and detail your needs so that they can share the knowledge and assist you properly; this will ensure you enjoy your luxury experience and make the purchase that’s right for you.

Go in-store

Recently, I read that shoppers generally prefer to make luxury purchases online – I found this somewhat surprising as I believe the shopping experience is all part of the fun and so going in store is always a priority when I’m buying luxury pieces. I actually went to Dior 3 times to look at and try on the Lady Dior before I made my purchase and so this would be my biggest tip. Go in store multiple times to look and try various sizes, colours and styles to make sure you’ll not only love it next month but next year too.

If you’re unsure – don’t bother

Buyers regret is the worst and so is dealing with a customer who is umming and arring for 3 hours. If you’re unsure, don’t bother buying it – walk away and if it’s still on your mind a few days later, go back. Most luxury stores will hold items for a period of time, which takes the pressure off and allows you to make an informed decision. I once left Chanel feeling unsure with a new purchase, only to be accosted by a relentless wave of regret the second I got home – I sold it 3 years later.


Shopping luxury should be fun and by going in store, making friends with an SA and asking for help, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your experience and if not, the glass of champagne will definitely take the edge off!





  1. I’ve always found the Louis Vuitton stores to be a bit snobbish but I really like the service at Burberry and Gucci! Burberry staff always go out of their way to help try on products in store! Highly recommend them!

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  2. Hannah B says

    I find going in designer shops intimidating but these tips are helpful. love some of the pics too and the gucci scafves! x

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    • Thanks so much Hannah!! Gosh I know, Gucci are killing it right now with their accessories! I totally understand but after working in luxury retail, there really is nothing to be intimated about, staff are usually really friendly! Try a department store first, they are typically busier which makes it less intimidating xxx Emily


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