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The Gucci Belt

I had my reservations about this ostentatious accessory until my best friend got one last year; it was mid-March when I decided I needed one too. I was styling outfits in anticipation of my trip to Italy when I felt something was missing from my wardrobe. Despite that I’d purchased my Gucci Marmont loafers three weeks previous I found myself scrolling through once again to find that missing chic piece.

Now, I know that an impulse buy should be something like Haribo at the WH Smith checkout however, every once in a while a ridiculous impulse purchase is acceptable. Throwback to 2011 when I spent my entire wage on Chanel ballet flats after trying them on for a whole 4 minutes….

I’ve had the Gucci belt about 3 months and solely wear it over coats and with high-waisted skirts and since life is all about Gucci vibes right now, I am still happy with my purchase.

Is it worth the money?

At £240 I think it is. This belt elevates any outfit and is a very easy piece to style – plus it’s really good quality and has no signs of wear and so I do believe it’s totally worth it.

Is this a piece I would sell?

Not right now, but potentially. This isn’t a long-term investment piece however, as long as I still love and enjoy wearing it, the belt shall stay in my collection.


*Huge tip: Save yourself some time and have a thorough try-on because I actually bought 3 belts until I deciphered the correct size for my intentions!




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