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A Night Cream That Wins

Last month I urgently made a facial appointment because my skin was dry, breaking out and oily, all at the same time.

After 4 weeks, 2 facials and 1 new addition to my evening routine, my skin is looking and feeling so much better and so I thought I’d talk about my new game changing night cream!

My mum picked up the Vichy Liftactiv Nuit Supreme but found it too rich and so when I was sprawled across her bed complaining about my skin, she kindly gave it to me to see if it would work better for my skin type.

The Liftactiv Nuit Supreme is a rich and nourishing night cream that firms, moisturisers and smoothes my combination complexion. It has a light scent that I like and isn’t at all greasy or sticky. Once applied, it feels lightweight and leaves my skin firmly hydrated. At £30 for 50ml, I think it’s pretty well priced and since Vichy is available at Boots, it’s super easy to source.

I never expected Vichy to perform so well; my skin hasn’t looked this good for a long time and so I just had to recommend it! I don’t think I’ve ever had a night cream I really loved and so for me, the Vichy Liftactiv Nuit Supreme wins.

What night cream do you swear by? I’d love to know!



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Emily is a 20-something soon to be graduate and writer, living in Derbyshire. When she's not blogging, online shopping or watching Suits in her pyjamas, she's poring over Cosmopolitan magazine or at a champagne bar, wearing Gold Gucci shoes and chatting about her need for yellow accessories. Emily has interests in luxury fashion, beauty and travel but also loves to watch reruns of Sex and The City whilst ironing her bedding.


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