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The Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit and Leaving My Comfort Zone

For the past 5 years, you would’ve found me slouched at my desk with uni books sprawled across the floor, as I endeavoured to study for my English Open University degree…

Studying from home in my pyjamas has been my comfort zone for so many years that recently, I’ve began thinking about my next steps and posing questions like, where am I going to live? How am I going to manage? and, will anyone actually hire me? With all that came the ultimate panic most soon-to-be-graduates feel when they arrive at the last few weeks of education and start to contemplate leaving the assured zone of comfort.

My impending freedom almost feels too daunting to celebrate as the overwhelming panic of essay stress is beginning to evolve into the anxiety of actually building a life. This is when I found myself on Eventbrite, investing in my future by paying £50 for a ticket to attend the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit, which described itself as ‘the event that will change your life.’

I attended the Summit last month and it was filled with 300+ empowered women who, like myself were eager to learn. Silk bound notebook at the ready, I grinned enthusiastically through the day whilst introducing myself to strangers and taking as many notes as my keen hand could make. I learnt the art of networking and I also met some fabulous Cosmopolitan editors. Not only did I leave feeling exceedingly inspired with an encouraging list of potential career opportunities, I left feeling ready.

The Self Made Summit gave me an insight into the fashion, beauty and Cosmopolitan life I so keenly desire and now, I’m ready to take on the challenge –something I certainly wasn’t ready to do just a few months ago.

I can genuinely say I agree with their headline; the Self Made Summit did change my life, as the opportunities coming my way this summer would’ve never been possible without me putting myself out there at the Cosmo event. Thanks to that day (which was terrifyingly wonderful), I feel prepared to take risks because, what growth and success ever happened inside a comfort zone? I still don’t know how I will manage and I can only hope that somewhere will hire me but now, I feel ready to find out.

Today, you’ll find me a few yards from my comfort zone, nervously sweating on my upper lip and sassing in gold Gucci shoes. I still feel the overwhelming panic but somehow, it almost feels exciting.


“It takes talent and tenacity to succeed.”




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  3. Great post! Stepping out of your comfort zone is honestly one of the most terrifying things but also the most rewarding! Keep up the good work, Emily!!!

  4. Hannah B says

    hi Emily i have followed your blog for a few years now and this makes me really happy for you you will go far x

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