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EKD Turns Three

As I fumble through BlogSpot haphazardly trying to understand how to insert a picture, I can’t help but wonder who will actually read this website. Skimming through my camera roll, I search for a photo to head the post and end up going for a cliché picture I took whilst in Starbucks two mornings previous. I remember the buzz of anticipation I felt when I sent that first post live; it was poorly written and the accompanying image was poorly lit, but I had started EKD and that is when I experienced the thrill of creating and publishing my writing for the very first time. That was May 10th 2014.

As EKD turns one year older, I got thinking about the last 3 and how has progressed. My namesake site is something I am truly proud of, I put my all into each and every post… My September Issue articles are the most challenging to compose, ‘Investing in Fashion?’ is my favourite to read and surprisingly, my most viewed post of all time and one that still gets daily hits is from January 2015 titled ‘How to Look Good Nude’ – I fear this is because people assume it will give them some instruction on looking good nude, while it actually offers an insight into Tom Ford lipsticks… I know nothing about looking good naked, sorry.

EKD has not only improved my ability to self edit, but it has also given me a voice, helped me discover my style and provided me with a creative purpose that has become more important to me than I could’ve ever imagined. I’m slowly learning to embrace change and with that, I’m also endeavouring to push myself out of my comfort zone (not enough to google secrets on how to look good nude though).

My hobby through university has evolved into my career portfolio and therefore, one can hope that someday soon I’ll find myself eagerly balancing on the first rung of the publishing ladder, gradually working towards the highly coveted Carrie Bradshaw status I so excitedly desire.

I’ve written over 200 posts for EKD in the last 3 years, 83 of which are resting uncomfortably in drafts on my old BlogSpot site, still embarrassed that I ever posted them and around 30 have been deleted from here overtime. However, as I read through some of my first postings, I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come…. Thank you for continuing to read and follow what I have to say.

Here’s to May 10th  – may it be #chicvibesonly





  1. fashionflurry4 says

    Congrats on the blog anniversary!

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