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A Note on Personal Style

Over the past few weeks, I couldn’t help but pose a question of personal style. What makes an authentic personal style? Wearing three new-in pieces from Zara, is that personal style? Is imitating your favourite fashion blogger who wore flatforms with a red blazer and leather pants whilst posing down a whimsical Kensington street… is that personal style?

To me, personal style is creating outfits that you love, that you put together from your own vision whilst you were ironing your bedding on a Sunday afternoon, watching Sex and The City reruns… Perhaps it’s inspired by your favourite designers but ultimately, you wear exactly what you want to wear and with any luck, something that makes you feel remarkable.

I’ve never been happy with my style, I might have had a cute bag and shoes but the clothes part was never that great. In recent times, I’ve began to truly ascertain my own personal aesthetic and as a result my style has developed tremendously. Not only has my confidence grown but I feel more like myself every time I strut down the street in a yellow headband, gold shoes and a feisty I couldn’t care less what people think attitude.

Last week, I found myself on the train at 6am and as I began my early morning journey to LDN, two girls sat two seats across kept turning around to laugh at me. Now to give you the full story, I was sporting my favourite Charles Tyrwhitt mens shirt that’s monogrammed with EKD, paired with a navy trench which was cinched in at the waist by a Gucci belt. I had on some black Joseph trousers and my yellow satin headband. I carried my Lady Dior handbag and I was wearing my gold Gucci Marmonts – I felt absolutely fabulous and I felt like myself. At first, these laughing girls (who at one point filmed me on their Snapchat) really bothered me but as I retouched my red Tom Ford lipstick, I decided not to care. Incidentally, I was on my way to a Cosmopolitan event where I had Cosmo editors commenting on my ‘fantastic style’ …So screw the laughing fools from the train!!

Colour is what I can now associate with my style; something that has always been terribly lacking in my closet. I’d die for black any day however, life is too damn short to wear black! A red lip, yellow headband and a bright orange ruffle tee is what I now reach for on the daily and it feels better than #allblackeverything ever did.

I feel like buying the golden Gucci shoes was the best step I could’ve made in terms of my personal style, as they have really allowed me to explore wearing new and outlandish pieces. The Gucci belt was somewhat of an impulse purchase a few weeks after the shoes… but I haven’t stopped wearing it since. For someone who feels extremely uncomfortable in figure hugging attire, this high-waisted accessory is my go-to for cinching in the baggiest of men’s shirts. It’s a chic addition to any outfit and a piece I have paired with almost everything.

I’m finally at a point where I’m excited about getting dressed in a morning and I actually love the direction my style is going. My tips in regards to your personal style would be:

1. Wear whatever makes you feel incredibly confident, even if it’s different.

2. Personalise your favourite clothes – because are you even chic if your shirt isn’t monogrammed?

3. Wear colour!

4. If in doubt, belt it!

5. A men’s shirt never hurt anyone and an oversized cuff is SO damn chic

6. Never underestimate the power of a #chicvibesonly outfit!


As my own wardrobe is becoming more colourful, my life is too and what more does one need? Well, a Dolce and Gabbana crown would be nice…


shirt, trench (Old), belt, headband, bag
Skirt, belt, headband, cardigan
Shirt, T-shirt, scarf, trousers 
Skirt, top, belt, headband 


  1. betulaltunsdiaries says

    That yellow headband is everything!! Love it..and those initial shirts..👌🏻

  2. Lucy Shepardson says

    loved reading this really amazing photos! 🙂 x

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