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A Day in Milan

April 1st 15:10

A car has just picked me up from home to take me to Manchester Airport. I’m flying at 18:30 from Terminal 3. Feeling so excited, slightly anxious and awfully travel sick….


I am FINALLY on the flight. An emergency evacuation from the terminal was not part of the plan but amplified my anxiety tremendously… Annoyingly but fortunately, it was a false alarm. I’m seated in 2F – window seat with leg room. Still feeling travel sick and now, overwhelmingly sleepy.


I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and while we chase the sunset to Milan, Italy I can’t help but wonder what this trip will bring. I am so excited.


I’m walking towards Milano Centrale, it’s dark and raining… Ella is running towards me, large green umbrella in hand. I couldn’t be happier.


We stopped for some pizza and have now arrived at our hotel. Buonanotte

I planned my outfits before I packed and so for our day in Milan I wore an oversized mens Charles Tyrwhitt shirt that I had monogrammed with EKD. I paired this with skinny Joseph trousers, a Topshop trench, Lanvin Sneakers, Gucci belt, Tom Ford sunglasses and my new favourite accessory and the only bag I took with me to Italy – a marigold cross body from M&S! I began the day wearing a cute Zara scarf but it was quickly taken off and wrapped around my camera strap.

We were up and exploring by 9:30am, the sun was shining but it was cool enough to wander contently. We began with a stroll round the Castello Sforzesco followed by a visit to Santa Maria Delle Grazie, where the Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper painting is displayed.

We lunched at Vasinikó Milano, a little gem Ella booked for us and where we practically inhaled a buffalo mozzarella pizza and glass of Prosecco. We then journeyed to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls and one of the crucially chic destinations on my must-see list. It was truly magnificent. After a wow moment at the Duomo di Milano, we searched out some Gelato and meandered down the side streets of Brera. Before some much needed Aperitivo, we stumbled upon Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana where I obviously had to try on an oversized silk headband and the chicest of earrings.

Our day finished with more Prosecco and people watching by the canal in Navigli and whilst I plugged my phone into my power bank and finally switched my camera off, we relished in the wonderful day and let the bubbles fizz us into a blissful daze.

We then hopped on the train just after 8pm and headed to Parma. I am so lucky I got to experience Milan with my best friend – Thank you Ms. Prada for an exceptional day.



  1. Thank you so much!!! I would definitely recommend a visit however, one day was more than enough for us to see everything… it is, at the end of the day, a pretty industrialised city. A Florence post will be up next week though! xxx Emily

  2. Wonderful post! I’ve been to Italy but never Milan, you are inspiring me to visit. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Ah thank you so much!!! I picked it up for my Birthday and it really adds to any outfit, definitely recommend it! xxx Emily

  4. Thank you so much Hannah! Yeah, me too – It’s definitely worth a trip however I found 1 day more than enough to see everything I wanted 🙂 xxx Emily

  5. Hannah B says

    this pics are great iv always wanted to go to milan! x

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