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Feelin’ 22

It’s Wednesday 22nd March and it’s my 22nd Birthday next week. I’ve had to stop writing and search out Taylor Swifts’ album Red, so I can write about feeling twenty-two whilst singing 22.

Whilst planning a Birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant, it occurred to me that no respectable party was without invites and so I turned to my go-to stationary site Papier and found the invitations my chic vibes only status would approve of – naturally this included a yellow striped envelope because yellow really is the colour of the season, if you didn’t already know.

For a whole host of reasons, my birthday this year feels so much more than it has ever done previously. After a Dior filled 21st, I didn’t think I could top it so soon however, with new season Gucci vibes, an Italian adventure and the dinner party of my dreams with some truly fab friends – Feelin’ 22 has never felt better.




  1. Yes I totally agree… So glad someone else feels the same as me! Definitely, their not too expensive either 🙂 xxx Emily

  2. Nobody does and it’s a shame because there is so much beautiful stationary! A text is just not as fun or personal. I’ll have to check it papier!

  3. Me too!!! I feel like no one ever uses invites any more and it’s such a shame! I would make every dinner an invite occasion if I could! I got these from Papier and they do fab stationary and are really flexible with custom orders! xxx Emily

  4. Ah thank you SO much! I can honestly say those shoes are my best buy yet, they are so comfortable and suit every outfit! Haha, thanks! Invites are my new fav thing 😀 xxx Emily

  5. Happy (very late) birthday! Your invites were so beautiful I love them! And those Gucci shoes oh my! Perfection!

  6. Hannah B says

    Hope you had a good party the invites are so cool!

  7. Louise Geller says

    happy birthday! love the invitations xx

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