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Life is Gucci

Yes, I bought the gold Gucci shoes of my dreams and yes my life has never been better.

I am writing this a week in advance as said shoes have been sat in my bedroom waiting to be worn and adored for just under a month now and my anticipation is eagerly mounting. However, as you’re reading this it’s actually my 22nd Birthday!

SO, I purchased them online from Farfetch and they were delivered from Italy within two days. I have used Farfetch to purchase numerous luxury accessories and I always find their service and product selection to be pretty good.

My Gucci Marmonts were beautifully wrapped in a Gucci box and came with two cream silk dust bags, perfect for travelling. They’re leather soled and fit like a glove however, I had previously tried the heeled pair on and so I knew I needed a size down as Gucci fits big. I take these in a 38 but I am typically a 39 in my other shoes like Tods, Lanvin or Louboutin. Also, they are super comfortable! I’ve worn them both to work and for a day of shopping and I’ve had no discomfort whatsoever.

Now, I know I’ve been hesitant to make the leap of golden faith and put my money where my heart is and actually buy these but, when they arrived I knew I had made the right choice. I am obsessed with them and never felt the slightest pinch of doubt or buyers regret. They are the party shoes of my dreams and seemingly match everything and anything in my wardrobe. I feel like they compliment my personality effortlessly and make me feel my sassy self and so really, that £515 price tag looks pretty insignificant now I have golden sass.

In January I spoke about Investing in Fashion, a post I wrote in bed whilst fantasising about Gucci vibes and to my surprise, has been one of my most viewed postings to date. In that post I couldn’t help but wonder when one should step aside from investing in classic staples and start buying into trend driven fashion and now I can honestly say, just buy what you love. My collection is built around classics and so this metallic wonder is more than welcome.

As I said…

“In recent times it would seem seasonal statements are the real indication of stylishness and who are you if you don’t have new season Gucci vibes?”


Well… I am EKD and Gucci is my LIFE.






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