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Travel Essentials

On December 31st 2016 I wrote that I was determined to travel through Italy in 2017 and I have definitely lived up to that personal goal as I fly to Milan next month. As my best friend and I prepare our action packed itinerary, I anticipate five days of adventure and so I couldn’t help but wonder what EKD necessities I would need to pack.

The first is an essential to anyone – international traveller or not! A power bank and charging cable…. This should always be in your bag to avoid running out of battery, there is nothing more frustrating than holding on to 3%.

The second is my travel companion of choice, the Louis Vuitton City Guide – the ultimate manual for chic destinations and Gelato hotspots.

A Nikon DSLR camera is obviously going to join me on my adventures, I can’t go to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele without getting some super chic photographs!

My Tom Ford perfume makes me feel like myself and so my Travalo just has to come with me to Italy, it never leaves my handbag – Noir de Noir is everything!

Lastly I will need my En Route journal, this was a gift a few years ago and I am yet to use it. I intend on documenting my travels both visually and through a journal – My wanderlust just has to be archived!

23 days to go!




  1. Yes! They’re fab, I bought the New York one in 2011 and it was amazing! I have the Rome one too, they’re so handy at finding unique and chic places that standard guides don’t have. Thank you so much! Stay tuned because there will definitely be some Italy content mid April xxx Emily

  2. Oh My Goodness!! How did I not know that LV had city guides? That’s magnificent. I might need to buy the Taipei for my trip (even though I’ve been there a million times and probably have been to all those places…). Have fun in Milan! I’m super jealous, but can’t wait to see what you have to show us!

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