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Jimmy Choo Needs

Now I know that it’s the little things in life that matter most – like when my Mum surprised me with flowers just because she knew I was having a bad day or when my favourite band liked my tweet…lol. Having said that, every once in a while a girl needs Jimmy Choo – I’m sure you can understand.

It was more of a practical decision of I need black flats over what should my first pair of Jimmy Choos be? These just happened to be the pair I loved that also fit my needs. Don’t get me wrong, the second I think of black flats I automatically gravitate towards Chanel as my CC ballerinas are simply beautiful and super comfy however, I was after a chic flat that wasn’t leather soled and so I had to cross the desperately desired Chanels off my list, for the time being anyway...

I typically wear black Lanvin sneakers or black suede Tods to work and so I really was missing a black ballerina flat in my wardrobe. I tried on the Jimmy Choo Waine Flats in October last year and I’m pleased I did as I was able to establish sizing – surprisingly I needed a full size down. My shoe size is 39 however, in these I take a 38 and in Jimmy heels a 38.5. A try on session is always recommended, as I ordered these online I was able to order with confidence knowing what size I needed.

I’ve had these over a month now and I’ve worn them a few times to work already and had no trouble breaking them in – no rubbing or discomfort which is actually what the girls in Jimmy Choo assured me as they’re composed of such soft suede leather. Not only that, the gold detailing ensures they won’t scuff at the toe, allowing them to stay looking pristine with each wear. The rubber sole is practical and hardwearing and the almond shape is extremely flattering.

Overall, I feel like I made a sensible and chic purchase. Jimmy Choo work shoes? Why not…? EKD is #chicvibesonly! What else am I supposed to wear?



Waine Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Waine

Waine Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Waine



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