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V Day in 200 Words

My friends thought I was kidding when I jested that I’d be spending Valentines alone with my cats… It’s become a sort of tradition for me to be hunched uncomfortably over my university textbooks for the duration of ‘New Michael Kors watch from my boy!’ and Lucky girl hashtags. Although, this time last year I had just bought my Dior bag yesterday and was working all day today. I remember I didn’t mind at all because who needs love when you have a Lady?

My lips aren’t red; my nails aren’t either however; I have reached the point where I need a manicure more than I need £20. I also have no intention of watching P.S I Love You, which I actually never liked anyway. But, at the risk of feeling lonely I did do a last minute Charbonnel order, you know just so I have something to spend V day with.

For fear of working too hard on my grammar essay (never going to happen), I’m going to begin mapping my heart because I do believe DOM&INK has me covered. And while I colour myself together, I’ll get back to swiping left.

V Day can suck my… Truffle.





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Emily is a 20-something soon to be graduate and writer, living in Derbyshire. When she's not blogging, online shopping or watching Suits in her pyjamas, she's poring over Cosmopolitan magazine or at a champagne bar, wearing Gold Gucci shoes and chatting about her need for yellow accessories. Emily has interests in luxury fashion, beauty and travel but also loves to watch reruns of Sex and The City whilst ironing her bedding.


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