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Investing in Fashion?

Today, I couldn’t help but wonder when one should step aside from investing in classic staples and start buying into trend driven fashion. I have always tried to make sensible purchases; by that I mean luxury items that will never go out of style, like my Lady Dior or Chanel slingbacks for example. However, when one becomes infatuated with gold shoes, one arrives at a significant dilemma…

My collection has only grown with time as it takes a while to save for these things so, I continually aim for timeless pieces to ensure they are a lifetime style investment. Thus, I’ve ended up with an array of wallets, handbags, shoes and scarves, all of which are wearable and chic pieces which elevate any outfit year after year.

That being said, in recent times it would seem seasonal statements are the real indication of stylishness and who are you if you don’t have new season Gucci vibes? Be it a Chloe Faye, Dior So Real’s or Gianvito Rossi Calabria courts, trends are becoming the new timeless and the classics are becoming overpriced and over produced… let’s be honest, you can’t sip a grande non-fat latte in London without being jabbed in the side by a Chanel double flap.

This got me thinking about my own lusting for a trend driven piece… The Gucci Marmont loafers in platinum gold leather. I spied these for the first time back in the summer and I have coveted them desperately ever since. Between my friends thinking they’re kinda ugly and my own mind warning me of the passing trend/bad investment, I’ve been cautious to put my money where my heart is and buy the god damn shoes of my dreams.

So when it comes to our fashion choices, do we invest in timeless or trends? And when is it time to abandon all sense and take golden sassy steps whilst chanting Gucci is life?

I think now-


Gold gucci shoes

Gold gucci shoes

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  1. Thank you! I absolutely adore them and wear them all the time! So glad I listened to my heart and bought them xxx Emily

  2. I know hun! It is so hard to make that call sometimes. I one time wondered whether I was going to get a pair of Louboutins or a pair of metallic Miu Miu maryjanes with pearl and feather embellisments… I chose the Miu Miu’s in the end! I get so much enjoyment out of them, though. Great post!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    Carolina Herrera sent some of the most stunning and classical clothes this season, still retaining a sense of casual simplicity and nonchalant air.

    There were plenty of Herrera staples for the Herrera woman, like her classsic white blouses, finely cut coats and dramatic ballgowns for evening. A classicist’s come true!

    If you wish to see this and other posts, click on the following link to check out Jessie’s Threads:

    You will see both fabulous trendy and classic pieces on here!

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  5. all about buying timeless fashion items, something you know you will never get bored of wearing. Trends come and go, fashion is about making your own trend last. if you love the shoes go for.

  6. OMG Yesssss!! I am buying them next week all being well 😀 amazinggggg, do you love them too?! Need them in my life!! xxx Emily

  7. Yeah definitely, I totally agree! Haha yes, I think I will be buying them next week – sometimes you gotta treat yourself to something crazy! xxx Emily

  8. Just stumbled upon this post. I HOPE you got them! I have them and would have them next to me in bed if it didn’t make my husband so sad. 🙂

  9. lauracookson says

    Bravo on the shoe selection. It is a tricky time for fashion… it moves so fast it really is hard to decide what to spend your money on but a little pure indulgence is good for your soul (every once in a while of course) 😉

  10. I adore them. Buy the shoes. Buy the shoes!! (I’m a bad influence when it comes to gorgeous things!)

  11. Thats my plan! I just want to wear them everywhere add some fun into my outfits 😀 Oo thanks, but I fear Gucci has already stolen my heart! xxx Emily

  12. It’d be rude not too! I’d wear them everyday! I’ve seen some very similar in Mango if you didn’t want to splurge 😄 x

  13. Clare Evans says

    Those shoes 😍 I think it’s definitely worth investing in classic, timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime! X

  14. Great piece! I think like everything in life it’s about balance. And trends are always coming back into style, so there’s that too!

  15. I really like your blog! And i loveeeee those shoes! I just started my blog and would love if you checked it out and gave me some feedback! Thank you xox

  16. Wow love the shoes. They aren’t for me though. My one issue with the top tier shoe designers they do not seem to produce wide shoes. I need wide.

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  18. Yay! Thank you so much for you comment, so glad you like them too! Thats what I am thinking, they’d jazz up any pair of jeans 😀 xxx Emily

  19. I find them classy and very pretty. They would make a good style statement icon for any plain garment. 😊

  20. Hey Dani! Yes so glad I’m not the only one that struggles with this! That’s actually a really good plan, I love that idea of building a non traditional collection of items that you just loved xxx Emily

  21. Great post, this is THE dilemma for every fashion lover who can’t afford to buy entire collections (let’s face it, very few can).

    I tend to use this “formula” for each collection or season:
    timeless essentials + 1 definitive piece + 1 piece I emotionally connect with, no matter how quirky.

    I have ended up with a few odd items I thought would have only limited use but, surprisingly, over time ended up using them a lot in creative ways I didn’t think of offhand. Works for me.

  22. Hey Monica, thanks for the comment! Yeah that is a very good point, and in that case, Gucci is right on point right now! xxx Emily

  23. Monica says

    We know consumers are spending more money on experiences and less on physical products, so it’s essential that brands work that into their retail strategies. In order to do this effectively, brands need to regularly produce and distribute original content. Additionally, they need to be thinking about their target customers’ interests. nonton film

  24. seaandstyleblog says

    Lovely post! I fall in love with a lot of pieces that aren’t classics. But I don’t tend to get sick of things I was once in love with. So for me, they are worth it (depending on material, cut… ) 🙂

  25. Hey Karina!! Yeah exactly I totally agree with you, the high street has got super good at bringing out designer influenced pieces! Deffo a more affordable way of buying into trends! Xxx Emily

  26. I am all about investing in timeless pieces because you’re right, they can be worn on multiple occasions and reworked over the years to fit the current style. So it makes perfect sense to spend the money on them when you get so much use out of them!

    Trend items are definitely much harder for me to spend a pretty penny on (Although I would but those gold Gucci loafers in a heart beat) but for me if it’s an easier trend to replicate I’ll usually buy them from less expensive stores like Zara or Forever 21, that way I’m not spending a fortune but I’m still being trendy!

  27. Thank you so much!! Yeah I am the same, I always go for the classics. I best find an event then so I can splurge on my gold shoes! xxx Emily

  28. Thanks for the great post, I normally invest on timeless/classic piece for everyday/long term use but I rarely splurge on a fashion piece unless I have a special occasion coming up.

  29. Those shoes are so chic. A great way I’ve found to get designer brands for less is to look for them at consignment stores.

  30. quinncove says

    Ahh it’s definitely worth it to invest in fashion!

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