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Who Likes Change Anyway?

When I consider the prospect of change, my abrupt reaction has always been, “oh no! I don’t like change!” However, the past year has been filled with change – the majority of which has been pretty wonderful… This got me thinking about the changes which are coming in the upcoming months and after dwelling far too deeply, I found myself tearful on platform 3 of Piccadilly train station. Lovely…

Basically, my best friend is relocating to live her Italian dream – I couldn’t be happier for you bella! But life won’t be the same without you. I also finish my degree in 4 months’ time. My five-year endeavor is coming to an end, thank goodness. However, will I relish in the accomplishment? Or crumble trying to hustle and see first hand if one really can have it all? Oh and my sister is getting married! The most anticipated event in the family calendar to date is rapidly approaching – Soon, my sister will no longer be a Miss E Dale.

I guess the advantage of having your best friend located in Italy is the incredible adventures I know we will have. Meet me in Rome darling… And really, after five years I do believe I’m ready to move on up and actually work within my desired profession, which is of course writing and fashion and writing about fashion. I’m actually really excited for my sister to get married, I’ve always wanted to be just like my sister and so if I can be as happy, strong and settled as she is right now then that is definitely change I excitedly anticipate!

I appreciate that weeping in a train station isn’t exactly ideal, I mean emotional public outbursts are never great however, I fear I’d find myself pretty restless should change not fill my 2017. Perhaps publically crying to this realization was a good thing?

Imagine if nothing ever changed, where would Gucci or Burberry be right now without change? Look how far they’ve come! Let’s hope 2017 is as successful as Gucci AW’16 ha!

And so to answer my question…

“Change? Yes!! I love change… I remember when my best friend moved to Italy and we spent magical weekends travelling around Florence and Milan! That summer I graduated and landed the job of dreams and then in the September, my sister got married! Can you believe it?! Yeah that was a fantastic year!”


Here’s hoping-




  1. Yeahhhh! Exactly, its so easy to full in a rut and not want anything to change but often it happens for a reason and works out for the best 🙂 xxx Emily

  2. Great post. I do that sometimes as well, I think I hate change, and then I remember how much is actually now different…if that makes sense!☺

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