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The House of Christian Dior

When I think of Christian Dior Couture, I think of elegance, romance and beautiful silhouettes. I picture gorgeous tailoring, Paris and Princess Diana. I envision the lady boss that is Charlize Theron and the delicacy of Natalie Portman in a Miss Dior couture gown. I think of 30, Avenue Montaigne and I also consider the man himself, the couturier – the founder of the House of Christian Dior.

Now, I think it’s about time I address my obscene fascination with one of the worlds greatest fashion houses. I fell madly in love with Dior after spending a serendipitous afternoon admiring everything from ballerina flats to lilac silk scarves, back in January 2016. I remember previously visiting the very same boutique back when I was 16 and discovering luxury fashion for the first time. It was just as magical now as it was back then.

I have found the associates in Dior to be second to non. From New Bond Street to Dubai, I have never had such incredible customer service. The way my SA understands my style is exceptional and ensures I have an unforgettable visit each time. I have been continually blown away by the service in my Christian Dior boutique that I will no longer shop with any other Dior store. I think once you find a store and an associate in particular that you click with, why would you want to shop with anyone else?

My involvement with Dior really enhanced my 21st Birthday, making it even more delightful and memorable, especially since I bought myself a large Lady Dior bag in black lambskin with gold-tone hardware. With each visit, my expectations are continually surpassed, which has allowed me to invest further into the romance and elegance of the house. I have shopped for years in many other luxury stores and I have found the leather quality, craftsmanship, design and customer service to be far superior in Dior. I highly recommend a boutique visit to discover the brand for yourself… Be prepared to fall madly in love!


After purchasing my Lady Dior, I have since picked up a few other Christian Dior pieces, which I look forward to chatting about in the up and coming weeks!

J’adore Dior-





Lady dior




Dior boutique


Lady Dior

Lady Dior

Dior boutique


Dior sloane street



  1. modefromthestreet says

    Dior is my favourite designer and I have recently visited the store, I can tell you that the SA was as amazing as you tell in your post

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  3. Wonderful post! I have never been to the Paris boutique but I’ve been to the London one, so I can only imagine how amazing the House of Dior was if it even beats the London one…

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  5. Great post! Share the same love as you for couture fashion houses like Chanel! Big fan of McQueen as well! xx

  6. Your blog is just gorgeous, I’m loving going back through all of your posts! Keep it up, I can’t wait for your next post! Jess x

  7. It really is, out of everywhere I have been, Dior is far superior and a much more enjoyable experience. I plan to visit Paris very soon and Avenue Montaigne is first on my list! Yeah I find that, you can’t move an inch without seeing a speedy or double flap, but Dior is less frequent. I adore them ❤ xxx Emily

  8. metamorphosesblog says

    I totally agree with you, it’s a pleasure shopping with Dior. You should visit Avenue Montaigne one day, it is amazing (but I guess so is Bond Street). The Lady Dior is, in my opinion, unique and timeless – at least where I live I notice much more Chanel bags than Dior ones -, so enjoy this wonderful bag! 🙂

  9. Hey Lucy, they are so stunning, you must go have a wonder through a boutique and see them for yourself! xxx Emily

  10. Lucy Shepardson says

    I have never been before but those bags are so beautiful

  11. hannab says

    such a great post today emily! Now i want to go to dior! x

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