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On Thursday 31st March, I celebrated my 21st Birthday. Who am I kidding? I celebrated my birthday for about three weeks, and it was utterly wonderful.

The preparations began back in January, when I went scouting for my gift, the gift I would buy for myself and one that was fitting for a 21st. I initially wandered into Chanel, thinking an iconic Double Flap would be my bag of choice, as I have lusted after one for 10 years. However, I didn’t have the princess moment I was hoping for and swiftly drifted in and then out again of Saint Laurent, again with disappointment. Surprised at my lack of interest thus far yet still eager as ever, I found myself seated elegantly in Christian Dior, supping champagne (something I never usually do!) and admiring a Lady. It was exactly a month later that I purchased my large Lady Dior bag in black lambskin with gold-tone hardware. I felt like Princess Diana and it was romantic and magical… exactly how I imagined and hoped it would be.

My involvement with Christian Dior has been and is truly exceptional. I will do a full post about my experiences and new items very soon! I also attended a Dior Couture client event last week which again, was gorgeous. I met some charming people and had a lovely time in my favourite boutique.

Now that my gift was sorted I then headed to my stylist, and friend, who I collaborated with in creating the most wonderful outfits for my birthday. I picked up pieces from Reiss, Jigsaw, Coast and Whistles and I have to say, it has really made me fall deeper in love with fashion and styling!

From a Spa trip with my favourite truffles to Tom Ford makeup sessions and a weekend in Cambridge, I actually did it all. I filled my time with as many of my favourite things and places as I could, to ensure it would be memorable and fun! Laduree macarons, a Shabaz haircut and lunch at Thomas’s in Burberry Regent Street were all included, naturally.

I’ve collated a few of my favourite photos from my Birthday… it was filled with princess moments and manicures – what else could I ask for?




Macrons Laduree

Birthday flowers

Birthday snap

Best. Present. EVER.


Thomas's Burberry

Macrons Laduree

Thomas's Burberry

Lady Dior

Regent Street

Lady Dior

Thomas's Burberry



Tom Ford makeup





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  2. metamorphosesblog says

    Happy Belated Birthday! You really gave yourself a treat; the Lady Dior is adorable and I love the outfit pic.


  3. Erin (MakeErinOver) says

    What an amazing birthday! That bag is incredible, I love it! I wish my 21st was as fabulous as yours! I got a washing machine and tumble dryer (I also had a 2 month only baby at the time lol) I am yet to try proper macaroons, and they look amazing!


  4. Lucy Shepardson says

    Wow looking stunning emily happy birthday love your bag too

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