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London Vibes

I’m trying to make myself fall more in love with London, to make the prospect of moving more bearable and actually exciting. I plan to move for work however when it comes down to it, the thought of leaving my countryside upbringing and gorgeous home free from traffic noise, is slightly daunting. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I will love it, LDN vibes inspire me! But change is change and if I’m honest, it’s always made me slightly nervous…

I’ve gone through photographs from last year and collated my faves from Regent Street to hydrangeas! What’s your favourite thing about London?



Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

Falling in love with London

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  1. Yeah totally, covent garden is lovely, can still get pretty touristy though. Ohh for sure, peak commute times around Oxford or Piccadilly circus is absolute madness! X Emily

  2. Slightly late to comment but I was going through your blog and came across this. I still commute back and forth. I love Covent Garden which has lots of boutiques, amazing beauty stores and an almost Paris vibe. Camden has really interesting markets and food stalls, and preferably I would avoid parts of Soho like Oxford Street. The crowds are just not fun!

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! So glad you are enjoying my posts. Yeah I completely understand what you mean, there really is something special about London xxx Emily

  4. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous! I can relate to this quite a lot – I’m from Surrey and moved to London for Uni.
    It does take some getting used to, but as cliché as it may sound, you start to realise you’re in one of the most famous cities in the world and surrounded by so much culture and it didn’t take me long to fall in love!

    Love your blog by the way! I’m reading through all your posts 🙂 xxx

  5. That is so lovely to hear, thank you for the comment! I know exactly what you mean, you are still central but you are able to escape which I love too! Thank you and I hope you manage to find a way to return xxx Emily

  6. Melanie Spina says

    I studied there last year for a semester and I completely fell in love with the city! So much that I am trying to find any way to get there after I graduate haha Having been to both NYC and London I can say that I like London so much better because of it’s parks and the fact that you can be in a park there and not feel like you are in a city at all. I lived in Regents Park when I was there and my absolute favorite spot is Primrose Hill, I loved that park. I hope you adapt quickly, best of luck! ❤ .xx Melanie

  7. Yes Oxford, Bond and Regent Street at gorgeous and I love South Kensington 🙂 Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I love that a lot of people take pride in their fashion! xxx Emily

  8. I enjoyed the Sherlock museum and checking out some sights. Oxford street was amazing lol! I especially love that women and men really care how they look. It’s rare u seem someone bumming in sweatpants at least for my visit

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