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Burberry Beauty

I have been meaning to do a write up of my makeup pieces from Burberry Beauty for so long and luckily it was requested last week by the lovely Eva. I know you’ve heard me bang on about how much I love the Earthy blusher (here), but there are a few other products I am obsessed with too. In addition to that, I also have a few items I’ve been lusting after, so I’ll share my Burberry wish list with you too!

Starting with lipsticks, the first I bought was Nude Beige No.01 from the Burberry Kisses collection. I picked this up the week they were released after seeing Lily Pebbles use it after attending a Burberry Beauty event. It looks very nude in the swatch however it is slightly sheer but also still very build-able. I find it looks stunning patted into the lips over lip balm. It’s pretty long lasting, balmy and hydrating and I love the sheer yet pigmented finish. I often keep this in my handbag, so the packaging is pretty scratched!

After falling in love with Nude Beige for a grand total of ten days, I then went ahead and bought Nude No.21. A pinky nude, again from the Kisses collection. This is also a gorgeous shade; I would say it’s my lip colour but better. I find it a perfect match with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk for an effortless, long lasting and natural look.  Again, it is build able and pigmented with a few swipes being ample.

When purchasing the Earthy blush, I was also able to choose a mini lipstick. I went for Sepia No.85 because I don’t have many similar in my collection and I love this shade for Autumn/Winter. Again, the pigmentation is impressive and even though it’s a hydrating formula, the lasting power is wonderful. They wear well and are easy to reapply on the go.

For eyes, I couldn’t help but pick up the Silk Eyeshadow in Rosewood No.202, after seeing many swatches online, I decided to make an order. The silky powder blends like a dream and can be used dry or wet for further intensity. The pigmentation is amazing and lasts all day without fading. I find I get great colour pay-off with minimal product but again, it’s still very buildable. Furthermore, the shade is so unique, it carries a slight sheen making the eyes look subtly illuminated and defined.

I have been so impressed with everything I have bought form Burberry that I actually have a little wish list of products I intend to pick up from their Regent Street store later this year. I find the price point very fair and I also think this is a wonderful and affordable way to buy into such a classic and British brand. The way Burberry has rebranded themselves the past few years has been so impressive, I have grown to appreciate the heritage and love Burberry vibes!

My Burberry Beauty lust list includes the Silk Eyeshadow in Pale Barley, another shadow I have seen raved about on blogs. The shade looks so wearable and perfect for everyday. The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01, a stunning liquid highlighting base, similar to that of Dior and Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve heard amazing things about the Fresh Glow Fluid Foundation, so would love to try that out also, I believe it to be hydrating and sheer – everything I love in a foundation! Just because I am obsessed with my Earthy Blush No.07, I think I will pick up a back-up just in case it got discontinued. Lastly, after my wonderful experience with their lipsticks, I would also like to pick up the Kisses Sheer Lipstick in Sheer Nude No. 221, I think this would be a great one to pop in my handbag for a hydrating, natural and effortless look.

I feel tempted to make a Burberry order now! I really have fallen in love with Burberry and Burberry Beauty. I think their packaging, products and service are second to none and really worth a try. I love that they do their makeup line in-house and have created such wonderful and wearable products and collections.



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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment. I totally know what you mean! I couldn’t manage by beauty routine without these 🙂 xxx Emily

  2. I love Burberry products and I completely adore to wear it on to my face since they come up with a great quality and of course with a hefty price tag albeit but otherwise, it is such a staple in the beauty wardrobe.I love your blog and if you feel free, then check onto my blog

  3. Yes! The packaging is gorgeous and feels so quality. Try some online stockists they sometimes do 10% off offers to make it more affordable 🙂 thanks for reading!! Xxx Emily

  4. so pigmented and I love the packaging….i would love to try, but again a little out of my budget. Will swatch and research more, thank you for the info 🙂

  5. The Sartorial Coquette says

    great post!! all of these look so beautiful! I have to try out burberry soon 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment! Yeah, that is where I first fell in love, hearing bloggers rave about it. Both are so wearable! xxx Emily

  7. Jordan says

    Your blog is gorgeous! I’ve just started mine and can only hope when I finally get a better camera it will look as good as this. Jordan x

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