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Why I Love Makeup

I was just cleansing my face whilst pondering over potential blog posts and Cult Beauty orders and I couldn’t help but wonder, why I really love makeup.

When I open my makeup drawers, I feel inspired. It sounds obscure for a non-makeup lover however, there are two significant reasons why my greatest collection is my makeup collection.

Makeup makes me feel beautiful – Yep you guessed it! I often have days where I don’t feel very pretty or confident and so I love to shop my collection and create a look to increase my confidence and make me feel good about myself. This isn’t about covering up my face; it’s about enhancing my features, mood and creating that assured and positive mindset.

Makeup allows me to be creative – A lot like writing, styling outfits, makeup looks or reading Vogue all make me feel creative and inspired. It’s a passion; an obsession, something that brings out the best in myself and makes me happy! Makeup is a tool that allows me to alter my look to suit an outfit, occasion or mood and I love that. I adore discovering new and revolutionary ways of enhancing beauty and confidence.

Makeup is playful, creative and empowering!



Chanel christmas 2014







  1. It sure is! The formula, pigmentation and longevity is amazing!! I did a full review if you want to know more and see a full swatch 🙂 xxx Emily

  2. Lucy Shepardson says

    LOVE THIS! I want to see oyur makeup collectoin xxx

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