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My Bedroom Makeover!

About six months ago, I found myself meandering through the home department of John Lewis, lounging nonchalantly on corner sofas and velvet loveseats, whilst my mum attempted to find the perfect mattress for the master bedroom.

I had not thought about updating my somewhat lacking bedroom until I stumbled upon a Parisian bedroom set and decided there and then, that spending my money on a Givenchy Shark wasn’t a wise investment. A glamorous, Parisian, EKD themed boudoir however, had the potential to be.

After looking into said bedroom set for a few weeks, all of which was from Willis & Gambier, I had a feeling that perhaps the idea of revamping my room was an amazing one, but this particular vibe wasn’t the one.

Since I was investing a lot into my new room, I then ended up spending around eight weeks creating interior design mood boards, searching out inspiration from Kate Lavie, Roxy Sowlaty, Pinterest and Instagram, All with the anticipation of discovering what I actually wanted and what seemed more my vibe.

This is going to be a short series over the next month or two where I uncover my new room with you and talk all things interior design! My interest in interiors, towel sets and soft furnishings has matured massively after these months of designing and I’ve actually enjoyed cheating on fashion with furniture! That new handbag shall just have to wait!

I am still waiting on a few pieces, a bit like Miranda on SATC who waited six weeks for her end table… these things take time! However, I have waited three months for my bed to arrive and now feel ready to start sharing.

From carpet shopping to buying my first piece of original artwork, I’m excited to indulge my new passion with you, so stay tuned!





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Emily is a 20-something soon to be graduate and writer, living in Derbyshire. When she's not blogging, online shopping or watching Suits in her pyjamas, she's poring over Cosmopolitan magazine or at a champagne bar, wearing Gold Gucci shoes and chatting about her need for yellow accessories. Emily has interests in luxury fashion, beauty and travel but also loves to watch reruns of Sex and The City whilst ironing her bedding.


  1. Riah Sandeon says

    What a good idea with the magazine pics on your wall I love it! can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing x

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