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Chanel Slingbacks

I purchased my first pair of Chanel shoes back in January 2012, they were the two-tone classic flat in lambskin leather and I felt like a princess!

There is something about Chanel that I am obsessed with. I adore the heritage, the classic yet contemporary style and the chic vibes. I am all about investing in key fashion accessories that are timeless and I feel Chanel is the perfect avenue to go down when it comes to investment pieces.

When I was in London a few weeks ago, the suede slingbacks were out of stock and so I didn’t think I would manage to score a pair. About a week later I called a few boutiques in London but couldn’t quite nail down a re-stock date from an assistant. Luckily, I have a connection from the Manchester boutique in Selfridges and dropped her an email. My name was added to the waiting list and just four days later I got THE call!

From my experience with my other pairs of shoes from Chanel, I knew I could rely on the Italian quality and comfort, so I had no doubts when requesting a place on the waiting list.

I reserved a size 39 and 38.5 since you can never tell what size you will need when it comes to slingbacks. I would recommend taking a half size down since the 38.5 was the perfect fit and that princess feeling came flooding back!

I am so pleased Karl brought this heritage pair back from 1957 when Gabrielle herself created the legendary two-tone slingback shoe. The slingback was the only shoe shown on the Fall 2015 runway, modelled by the likes of Kendall and Cara, aka #CaKe!  I don’t often feel inclined to purchase a seasonal item from Chanel, but since this was a classic re-issue, I couldn’t help myself and lets be honest, nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy!

I am obsessed –


Chanel slingbacks Chanel slingbacks

Chanel slingbacks

Chanel slingbacks

Chanel slingbacks
Chanel slingbacks

Chanel slingbacks

Chanel slingbacks


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