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EKD in London

Recently, I’ve spent rather a lot of time on trains and tubes gallivanting around London. Whether it’s searching out a Brunch destination, rushing to a reservation at Fortnum’s or sweating in Shoreditch, eager to make my first meeting at the Ace hotel, I’ve loved the adventure of it all! I’ve been super busy with work, university and family the past few weeks but it’s been pretty exciting and I’m enthusiastic about what is to come! Here are a few of my favourite moments from the past few weeks…

Lets begin with arriving at St.Pancras after a 4.30am start! I arrived at 10am and was so ready to hunt out some breakfast.

St Pancras

I found a chic and hidden breakfast destination in Thomas’s at the Burberry flagship on Regent Street. My sister and I had a tour and shopping session in this store two weeks earlier and I remembered the delicate and charming restaurant hidden within. I will definitely be back!

Thomas's at Burberry

I took the tube everywhere I went, remembering my Grandma’s tips on not getting my purse pinched…

London tube commute

Team Taylor and I ran around London doing a photoshoot for an upcoming article on Nomi Leasure, our advice columnist from New York.  Nomi looked absolutely stunning.


What can I say? I really do love Liberty…

Liberty London

We also strolled through Green Park and went to Buckingham Palace, something I’d not done previously.

Buckingham Palace

I feel like it’s no secret that my sister and I are obsessed with afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason! It is our sister tradition and something we always try to do when we plan time together. We’ve been twice in the last month or so and it’s always a highlight!

Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea

Lastly, a true highpoint from recent weeks – My first article was published as Editor at Large for Taylor Magazine. I had total creative control and chose to write about the fashion forecast from the September issues. I loved the image I took for the piece – I actually used a white bed sheet on my landing (where the best natural light is) and flicked through to find cool and contrasting pages.

Taylor Magazine fashion forecast

I am back in London on Friday, but I have to say, there really is something wonderful about working from home. I am a self-motivated individual, as I have studied my degree from my bed for the last three years, so it’s definitely a perfect fit for me right now!



  1. Dorothy Bendel says

    Love your photographs looks like you had a great time! x

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