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My Santorini Makeup Look

I was discussing with my friend the other day about outfit and makeup planning… Something I like to do before I drift off into a deep beauty sleep – why is it called that? I usually wake up with a new spot right in the centre of my forehead and an unsightly kink in my hair…


When an occasion pops up, be it a London trip, a family dinner or a summer getaway, my makeup look must be premeditated. Since my collection is forever growing, I like to shop my stash and make use of products or add new ones, when I can and so… I have my Santorini makeup look with hues of turquoise and coral!

Santorini 2

First up, we have my Chanel Les Beige Tinted Moisturiser. I use the shade 010 however I think I will be picking up 020 when I am tanned. I bought this a few months ago and I have used it everyday since – My ten foundations are feeling neglected, I’m sure! – I adore this product, it has an SPF 15 and adds a sheer layer of coverage with plenty of glow – perfect for my dehydrated complexion. I don’t often have bad skin, just the odd blemish and so a sheer and light coverage is all I need… I go in with a high coverage concealer and pinpoint the blemishes.


When I holiday somewhere hot, I never wear makeup in the day, only in the evening and so I shall take this – just in case – the chances are, I will just use bronzer and lip balm however I like to be prepared, especially since this is so dewy and hydrating.


When I am not very well, I tend to spend far too much time gazing at makeup on Space NK or Selfridges and on say, day six of poorly Em and when I am feeling far too sorry for myself, I order as much makeup as my conscious will allow. This happened last month… A Charlotte Tilbury order was made. I went for the Sexy Sienna Matte Revolution Lipstick. Since I had been ill, my lips were super dry and chapped however when I tried this lipstick on, it looked amazing and even though it is matte, it doesn’t dry out your lips or enhance any dry patches. The formula is also really long-lasting and creamy – definitely the best matte formula I have ever tried.


In matching the lipstick to a blush – this seemed like an essential when I had a temperature and hadn’t left the house in nine days – I then made an order from Mac… Melba is a shade I would never usually pick up however I think it contrasts amazingly with turquoise – more on that later – and it does complement the lipstick. I have had many Mac blushes in the past and the formula is wonderful plus, they are finely milled and pretty inexpensive. This shade lasts well on my skin and I feel like that coral/peach hue is gorgeous for summer!


Now in Santorini – one of my favourite places in the world – blue roofs are in abundance and the sunsets are the greatest I have ever seen. Turquoise was all over Spring/Summer makeup collections and all over my radar soon after – since matching your nails to the architecture again, felt like an essential – Blue is one thing and turquoise is another, more wearable in my book and when the Chanel Mediterranée collection was released I made a B-line for my nearest – and dearest – counter. This nail colour is everything I had hoped… pigmented, easy to apply and long-lasting, a much improved formula FYI. I have been sporting this on my nails for a few weeks and I am obsessed… My summer colour for sure!


On the theme of turquoise, another new release this past month was the Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows from Charlotte Tilbury. I assumed these would sell out – it turned out, they didn’t – and so I included Cleopatra in an order as soon as it became available. I was mesmerised by the metallic turquoise hue and adored the contrast with Sexy Sienna and Melba and so I eagerly awaited the delivery in my five-day-old pyjamas – I was ill, remember. Delivery only took two days, to my utter delight and naturally, I ran – ok, fast walked – upstairs to sample it immediately.


WOW. It looked awful. Shocking, I know! I could not believe it. I tried everything for almost two hours. Blending, patting, brushes, fingers, layering, primer, no primer, powdered lids, tiny amounts, huge amounts… it looked patchy and creased within seconds! I have cream eyeshadows from Chanel, Mac and Tom Ford -TF are my die for favs – and this has never happened before. They set pretty fast so you have to work quickly but it seriously wasn’t wearable. I ended up getting a refund from CT but will keep trying – and failing I assume – since I am obsessed with the shade. I have seen swatches and reviews of the other, more nude shades and they seem to be pretty good – so it could just be this one?


We jet off in just under eight weeks – I have plenty of makeup looks prepared, but no holiday clothes! – I am so excited to go back to Santorini though! I do hope I’m not the only one who lays awake matching my nail polish to architecture….



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  1. Thank you Claire!! Yes I totally agree, it is such a lovely colour and is pretty unique too 😀 The Chanel packaging certainly helps 🙂 Really? Ahh thats such a shame!! I don’t understand why a lot of the reviews online are so good when the formula really isn’t! It’s rubbish really, as the shades are so lovely xxx Emily

  2. The Chanel nail polish is to die for, what a colour. I have a tonne of polishes in this shade but I could always make room for one more, especially when it from Chanel! As for the CT Cream Shadow I have the shade Marie Antoinette and I have to say I was pretty disappointed too, I used a primer underneath and it still creased 😦
    xxx Claire

  3. hihi thanks 😀 Will let you know how it works out if I do get them 😀
    xx Anne

  4. I know that is what I thought! It was exactly what I was looking for. Oo yeah they are good colours, my fingers are crossed for you!! xxx Emily

  5. Soo disappointing, the green blue color is amazing.
    I was thinking Mona Lisa and Marie Antoinette, so let’s just hope those are a little better.
    xxx Anne

  6. Thank you! 🙂 It was so fun to search out themed products! Yeah I hope it was just Cleopatra – I was so disappointed! Mona Lisa and Bette seem like gorgeous shades and have had pretty good reviews so it is worth a try!! xxx Emily

  7. I love the idea of a Santorini inspired look and you picked the right products 😀
    Can’t believe the Charlotte Tilbury cream shadow is that bad 😮 I really hope it is just that color as I have had my eyes on the nude shades for a while now.
    xxx Anne –

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