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A Year of EKD

As I sit in the drawing-room, instagramming and waiting for my headache to subside before returning to my creative writing assignment, I cant help but wonder if ‘May’ hates me. By May, I mean the month… Every year, from lets say the middle of April to the end of June, life always seems to go tits up! I am irrationally blaming May, and sticking to it.

Perhaps, it’s because a few years ago during my fitness rampage, I posted a picture on instagram saying ‘MAY IS MY BITCH,’ all for fitness and training purposes, obviously. I regret it now, since my disrespect to said month seems to be coming back to slap me in the face, every. damn. year.


I appreciate that I haven’t blogged in months, and my contribution to EKD has been inconsistent at best, however I am in my third year of university and it has been the biggest struggle, more in terms of time-consuming than anything and when I’m not working on essays or reading children’s books for my Lit module, I choose to watch re-runs of the Kardashians – Sorry, not sorry.

I am finishing for summer in about three weeks time and then I shall be back with regular postings. I find it is better that I do not attempt to write posts when I’m otherwise disposed, since forcing out content only produces poor reads…


Oh on a positive note concerning uni, I actually received 90% in a Literature assignment, the module I was considering quitting because ‘I CAN’T DO IT DAD,’ is now the one I completely excel at, isn’t it funny how things work out? I spent HOURS weeping over the study of Little Women, Treasure Island and 100 Best Poems for Children before I started getting the hang of it though – Let it be said that nothing worth having comes easy. Thank you Daddy for not letting me give in.

In an attempt to move away from strenuous education, I picked up a teal coloured scrapbook from Paperchase at the weekend, it has a gold pineapple on it – I love it. The idea is to create a really fun holiday book, with outfit plans, makeup swatches, sunset snaps and the odd blue roof, when my family and I go to Santorini in August. Naturally I shall blog my crafty venture… I even bought a pritt-stick!


In addition to my incredible new scrapbook, I have also picked up TONS of new makeup recently, all of which I am eager to review… Lots from Tom Ford, Chanel and Burberry! I will be able to give you a true opinion and thorough review since I have been using everything pretty frequently.

I feel in these past few months, my makeup preferences and whole aesthetic has completely changed, I am reaching more for Chanel Les Beiges, Soleil Tan de Chanel with Balme de Rose and Tom Ford cream blush, apposed to full glam… A huge change from my everyday look a year ago. I’m all about natural and glowing skin right now! *Insert cliché phrase on evolving here.*


Oh it was also my Birthday in March, I am no longer a teenager… not that I felt like one anyway! The big 2-0 was celebrated in style with my sister, Elle, in London and Cambridge. We did afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason along with MAJOR spending in Louis Vuitton and Tods! Blog posts to follow.

Speaking of birthdays… I made my brother a chocolate cake, covered entirely in Tanfantasitcs and Haribo for his and then a week later, he passed his driving test… First time round! Oliver has ordered his new car too, which should be with us in a few months. I am one proud sister!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I am also getting into buying books again which is thrilling, since sometimes I am not in the mood to read whatsoever, however #GIRLBOSS is awaiting me on my ‘Favourite Books’ shelf, along with Kim Kardashians ‘Selfish!’ By the way, she is practically naked half way through… not that I am complaining.

On to other news, I went on some *insert bizarre descriptive word here* dates last month, all of which were definitely worthy of some serious documentation… be it in my book and/or blog posts… We shall see. What did I learn from dating, lets call him ‘Chris?’ (since he did look like one.) Well… I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DON’T NEED NO MAN.


Haha, I am laughing. Sorry. What I mean to say, without going into anything is, I really don’t need anyone and so I do not need to put up with situations where I am uncomfortable just because I like going for lovely dinners and being showered with gifts. Things got very weird, very fast and I do not and will not settle for anything less than EPIC when it comes to my heart. #JUSTSAYING.

MOVING SWIFTLY ON… I do believe today is May 10th. Exactly one year ago today, I began writing EKD. I remember having a conversation with my Dad in a Co-Op car park, he wanted me to have a creative outlet to practice my craft, get feedback on it and discover the path I wish to take my writing career. I went home and created my ‘BlogSpot’ almost immediately. Five months later I changed my entire aesthetic and moved over to WordPress, where we are now. I love my layout, the idea for this template was to feel like a magazine, and since my aim is to work for Hearst or Condé Nast… either will do, really. HA


AH come to think of it, ‘Chris’ did ask me one evening during one of our LONG phone calls (I despise being on the phone) if my Dad created my website for me. No he did not, it took me rather a while to build my site and perfect it to exactly how I had envisioned. ‘Chris’ lost a point right there!

I have found blogging to be therapeutic and it has definitely challenged me to constantly improve and find new ways to be creative both in my writing and photography. I am still learning and I often don’t get it completely right, however I have fun doing it… The second I’m not enjoying myself, the second I shall stop. At first, I wouldn’t say I cared for anyones approval however, part of me did want it. Now, a year on, I really don’t care for it and so I find the entire practice far more fulfilling.


A month or two ago I also re-did my Vogue wall with various new editorials from Elle, Vogue USA, Bazaar and other mags from my collection, Gigi Hadid and Cara D are most featured I believe. I am completely obsessed with the blue and red accents. As I’m thinking about what else has happened the last few months, I notice that I am in fact wearing my new favourite thing… Allow me to explain.

A few weeks ago, while I was arrested in yet another very long phone conversation with ‘Chris,’ I was flirting around the White Company website and ended up ordering a white Hydrocotton bathrobe WITH A HOOD, might I add. It arrived 2 days later and to my absolute delight, was the softest and most comfy robe in the world, definitely rivaling those at the Hilton Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, circa 05 (where my obsession for white fluffy bathrobes began.)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Naturally I proceeded to wear said robe all day every day, and thus ended up dripping chocolate ice cream on the left hand side pocket. Now, in my defense it was Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Core with Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream, *cue irrational craving for bucket of B&J. * A white Hydrocotton bathrobe with hood is an essential though, is it not? #NoRegrets

Now dateless and drowning in uni work, my headache has eased and my instagram is blowing up after posting some makeup flat lays… @emilykatedale_ BTW. I fear I must return to my creative writing assignment…


And so, If you were wondering, ‘dumping’ someone over text isn’t nearly as painless as you might think… You feel like a horrible person for at least two weeks and then for a week after that when you unbox the gifts they bought you. Also, it took two days to remove the chocolate ice-cream stain from my bathrobe, not that I’d let that stop me from comfort eating in comfort again.

I truly appreciate all the support I’ve had for EKD over the past year, and look forward to blogging on a more regular basis come June, starting with some killer beauty and holiday posts!

*Insert sassy #MOTD selfie here*


May, I am really sorry for the things I said, I didn’t mean it, I swear.



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  2. I know I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do but wow its incredible.. you might be able to pick one up still or try eBay? xxx Emily

  3. hannah B says

    Cant believe you’ve been blogging a year already thats amazing

  4. Laura Martin says

    haha great post emily can’t wait for June posts!

  5. Louise Riley says

    That Tom ford palette is amazing i wish i had bought one!

  6. Shauna says

    Congratulations on the year anniversary of EKD!! x

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