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Review: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

It is very rare that I pick up anything from Benefit. I used to get quite a lot from them when I was in my early teens however, I think I only have a lipstick and single eyeshadow in my collection from Benefit now.

Since my monthly pick-up of Vogue and Elle is a given, getting a tester of their new launch was inevitable. I have been trialling Roller Lash for a month now and I have to say, I am impressed. At first, I was put off since I found ‘They’re Real’ to be really flakey and give so much fall down throughout the day that I never moved past the tester.

That being said, Roller Lash is wonderful. The length and separation is like no other and it doesn’t clump my lashes.. Massive bonus! Furthermore, it definitely holds a curl. I do find though, the volume isn’t there with this but I always use my Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes first, which gives crazy volume.

Despite that I do use two mascaras to get the finish I desire, both are lovely on their own, I just prefer to use both for that perfect flutter. After obsessing over the tester from ELLE, I have actually been and picked up the full sized version for myself, that’s how impressed I am, since I am a loyal mascara user and typically stick to one!

On top of it all, I don’t mind the packaging! The wand is long with a curved brush to ensure each lash is coated well and I haven’t had any fall down. Congratulations Benefit on creating a successful product that actually equals the hype!

Will you be picking up Roller Lash?


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  1. rebeccalali says

    Great blog post.

    Please do check out my blog on if you get a spare moment.

    Rebecca xx


    • I didn’t like They’re Real at all! So flaky and a bit rubbish, I love this one though! Definitely holds a curl and gives seriously long lashes! Definitely worth a try 🙂 Thank you! You too!! xxx Emily


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