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Review: Bold Metals Collection

As a lover of Pixiwoo and an owner of almost all the Real Techniques makeup brushes, it was no surprise that I would get my hands on the Bold Metals Collection as soon as I possibly could. Wow… how absolutely stunning are these!?

The Bold Metal brushes are a new and permanent collection from Real Techniques, the classic collection isn’t going anywhere, don’t panic! In addition, these are luxury brushes, at a higher price point. They are exclusively available at Boots (UK) and Ulta (US).

I have seen many comments about the high price point from a drug store however Nic and Sam have already explained that this is to ensure they become available to everyone around the world. If they were placed in a higher-end retailer, they wouldn’t be as widely available.

Another query I have been seeing is ‘surely they get covered in finger prints?!’ I haven’t found them to be bad at all; they still shine and do not look grubby. It doesn’t bother be that they show a few prints, I don’t really notice them if I’m honest.

All the brushes are weighted for optimum comfort and control, making them feel so luxurious. Plus, application is a dream, they sit in your hand perfectly. The handle is also angular, ensuring they don’t roll of your vanity, which I adore! I am forever picking up my other brushes that roll away!

They are made from the highest quality synthetic hair, probably making them the softest brushes I’ve ever felt! (…Possibly beating Tom Ford!) Plus, the hairs are so tightly packed that they pick up just enough product, which is rare with synthetic bristles. All the brushes are also twisted and glued into place really securely, I’ve experienced zero shedding… another winning factor.

I picked up 5 of the seven. I didn’t get the foundation brush since I always use a Beautyblender. I didn’t get the angled liner brush because I already have about 4, which are very similar. Something I love about these is the white bristles, the colour of the handle graduates into the brush as well, making them look even more beautiful!

The first brush I bought was the 100 Arched Powder Brush, Gold.

Wow. Wow. Wow!!!!!! I am crazy in love with this brush. It’s a large powder brush but it is slightly flat apposed to being a big round dome. This makes application of powder or bronzer a dream. It fits the contours of the face wonderfully and is just the right size. I’ve been reaching for this to apply bronzer to the high points of my face, but it also is lovely to apply a light dusting of loose or pressed powder.

Next, I have the 300 Tapered Blush Brush, Rose Gold.

If my passion for rose gold wasn’t satisfied with my ghd set, this definitely does the trick! This brush is beautiful, cut perfectly for maximum precision and is just the right size for a touch of powder or cream blush. This could also be used for bronzer or even to buff foundation into the skin. The tightly packed bristles really make blending a dream. Love, love, LOVE!

My favourite of the bunch has to be the 301, Flat Contour Brush, Rose Gold.

Oh my goodness! This is STUNNING! I am absolutely obsessed! I am a contour fanatic and this makes the job twice as easy! The perfect cut of the bristles fit into the hollows of your cheeks effortlessly, plus the flat top is ideal for shaping your jawline. I have been using this with cream and powder contour products and both work wonders. This brush is a MUST HAVE!

Moving on to eyes, the 200 Oval Shadow Brush, Platinum.

This brush is slightly larger than I was expecting however it is perfect for adding a sweep of colour to the eyelid. It fits nicely into the contour of the lid and makes blending effortless. I have found this brush great for concealer and loose powder. It’s so versatile! Again, it’s packed tightly, so application of both cream and powder is delightful, definitely a great multi-use brush to have in your kit.

Lastly, the 201 Pointed Crease Brush, Platinum.

This one is similar to a pencil brush just larger, making its uses far greater. Not only is this wonderful for applying and blending eye shadow under the eye, but it also fits into the crease with ease, making a smokey eye that much easier! I have also been using this to apply concealer to any blemishes. It blends and smudges product perfectly and is another fantastic brush with multi-uses.

They wash really well; they give you such control and look absolutely stunning! I think the price point is on point and I will certainly be buying multiples! They are currently sold out online at Boots, but if you sign up, Boots will email you the second they come in stock. If you’re lucky they might be in your local store.

Congratulations Sam, Nic and Real Techniques, what a truly victorious collection.


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100 Arched Powder Brush £25

300 Tapered Blush Brush £24

301, Flat Contour Brush £22

200 Oval Shadow Brush £15

 201 Pointed Crease Brush £12

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