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My parents venture to the Longshaw Estate every year to pick out our family Christmas tree, choosing the perfect one is always a task my mother takes in her stride and this year she delivered. With ceilings towering over ten foot, our tree needs to be spectacular!


I find myself feeling far more festive than I ever image I will once the tree is up and I’m decorating it with the family.



We have a tradition to always pick up unique christmas ornaments from around the world when we take one of our Dale Adventures and so our tree is filled with hand painted baubles from Budapest, crafted elephants from India, beaded angels from New York and wooden creations from Morocco.



My favourite decoration is always the glittered ballerina, I much prefer unique, elegant and classic ornaments.



This year we picked up our mantle piece garland from The White Company, one of the best we’ve had I think!



I’ve only just started to shop for everyone’s gifts but some Cinderella themed presents already lay under the tree looking perfect!



I’m just so excited! Red & Gold is our theme this Christmas, what’s yours?




  1. Hey Olivia! I had a wonderful Christmas thank you 🙂 I hope you did too. Thank you so much, yes that would be wonderful, Merry Christmas darling! xxx Emily

  2. omg this is so beautiful emily!! it made my heart flutter a bit just by looking at your photos 🙂 i can’t wait till xmas!

  3. Thank you Lena! Haha I love that though, having a daily reminder of the wonders you’ve seen! I might have to pick up a magnet with my christmas ornament now!
    Thanks Lena, you too girl! xxx Emily

  4. Oh how well-traveled you are Emily! And what a great idea to pick up ornaments when you are visiting new places! For me, I’m the typical kind that likes to collect magnets (so I can remind myself when I grab milk in the morning that there’s a lot more to see than the four corners of my office lol~). Happy monday love!! xoxo~ Lena

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