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Review: A Victorious Launch From Dior

I sighted this gem all over my favourite blogs, reviews were raving and I am pretty partial to a foundation these days and so I picked up Dior Star

The packaging is a beautiful glass bottle and the shade range is pretty good. There is a slight perfumed scent but nothing offensive or that lingers longer than a moment, I quite like it actually.


It does have a pump which you may think is a given, but no no, many foundations I’ve come across have no pump, so this certainly gives Star brownie points.

This foundation is actually really great! I’ve tried Star using a beauty blender, a dense kabuki and a buffing brush, all of which worked wonders. Dior market this as being lightweight, I completely agree. My face felt naked all day yet my complexion was glowing, even and definitely brightened. I almost forgot to take it off before bed.


I would say Star is a medium coverage, more than I was expecting actually but I found it very easy to blend and work with, making it look like a second skin. Star leaves an illuminating finish to the skin without any shine, a definite recommendation for all skin types who are wanting  a natural finish. It also has an SPF 30 which can put some people off however it’s great for all year round with no need to put on any other protection. Do bare in mind if you’re going to be photographed and don’t want flashback though.

It is said to be longwear, I found it did last well without any dry patches or redness peeping through. However there was slight deterioration in the evening since I didn’t touch up at all, but you’re going to find that with most.

Dior Star Foundation 010

“Infused with hollow silica beads this weightless fluid makeup is focused on brightening and illuminating without leaving a shine. Skin tone imbalances are neutralised by color-filter pigments, whilst specific skincare ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots and redness. This foundation is an essential beauty must-have for all skin types.”

Have you tried it? What did you think? I’d love to know!

A victorious new launch from Dior. A pleasure to use & a pleasure to review, go get ladies!


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Dior Star Foundation, 30ml £32

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  1. I totally agree, it’s seriously a winner! I do love all my foundations though, I think every one gives a different look however Star is just perfection so I know exactly what you mean!


  2. Love it! I seriously think about throwing away all my foundations lol.. Even the other Dior ones, ever since I tried Star, I just fell in love and its a perfect match to my needs in a foundation. It’s amazing.

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