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My Top Three Holiday Destinations

As my family and I are deciding upon our holiday destination for 2015, for yet another Dale Adventure, I couldn’t help but reminisce over my favourites.

Travelling to Dubai through 2005 and 2006 were my favourite of all time, going to The Burj Al Arab and exploring the middle east was the greatest pleasure and certainly one I will always remember.


The luxury and decadence Dubai radiates is unmistakable and is certainly my favourite country in the world.

46d67-img_6415There is nothing like an ocean that is crystal clear, turquoise and actually hot, complete with white sand. Camel rides along the shore and tobogganing at Ski Dubai are my recommended to-do’s along with a visit to the Wild Wadi Waterpark!




Dubai is definitely somewhere I wish to travel to again and is most certainly on my top three travel destinations.

Exploring Morocco over ten times in the last ten years has been a magnificent experience and truly unique. Marrakech and Fez being my favourite cities.


The wonder and the mystery of all the tiny streets with the hustle and bustle of the magical souks and enchanted medina is unlike anywhere I have ever been. Half of our home has been decorated by paintings, carpets, lamps and ornaments all shipped from various cities throughout the country.


Each distinctive shop was like an Aladdin’s cave and something we could never resist, thus why we have boxes filled with treasures that we picked up on our way. The colours and the mystical scents were a treat for the senses and one I couldn’t recommend highly enough.


We never stayed in commercial hotels in Morocco, we stayed in riads. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard, typically fountains and flowers filled the courtyard, adding to the character.

Morocco 1

Walking down the stairs from our beautiful and authentic rooms to the courtyard flooded with darkness but lit by hundreds of flickering candles and lanterns was utterly breathtaking. I can picture it now. Experiencing the culture and tradition of Morocco is the only way to experience it.

The mouthwatering food and explorations through the Moroccan deserts and up the Atlas mountains were unbelievable adventures and ones I would not have wanted to experience with anyone other than my family.

Santorini 3

Journeying through Santorini was spectacular. It really is the most picturesque city. The best sunsets I have ever seen have been on the cliff side, with the enchanting blue roof tops framing each photo. Santorini is such a charming place, so unique and truly beautiful, one certainly on our short list for next year.

Santorini 2


Being able to travel the world with my family and stay in dreamy locations has been phenomenal and that is my version of travelling.

Dubai, Morocco and Santorini are my top three destinations and the memories I treasure are irreplaceable. Where are your destinations of choice?



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