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Personal Trainer Review: LEP Fitness

Something I had been meaning to do for a while now is a review of my experience with a private personal trainer, Nick Screeton at LEP Fitness.

Those that know me, know I used to have a brilliant personal trainer, Niki. I was honest to everyone in saying I thought she was wonderful and really helped me achieve my goals.

Niki left me in February to pursue a new job in management and so I hopped to a new trainer and after a while, felt I had simply stopped progressing and wished to change things up after eighteen months of constant and similar training regimes.

I had worked with two personal trainers prior to an evening of research, hunting down a replacement.

I googled personal trainers in Sheffield and LEP Fitness repeatedly caught my eye. I found multiple rave reviews, each expressing their delight at the service and excellent, unbeatable results and, after considering his website I was impressed. I discussed my finding with my family and we decided that the testimonials stood for themselves and I should give LEP a chance. We met with Nick the same day.

Nick appeared to be friendly and promised twelve one hour sessions as well as a full body MOT and a personalised eating plan complete with shopping list and gym program. He explained it would be £40 per session and the full payment of £480 would be required in advance.

Back at home I checked the website prices and found the Gold Plan reflected Nick’s offer of 12 one hour sessions but it was priced at £400 with a ‘buy 10 sessions get 12’ deal and an LEP hoodie being an added bonus. I had already paid £480 and so I emailed Nick to ask why he charged me £480. He advised it was policy to pay an upfront deposit of £80 and I would receive it back at the end of my sessions.

I do wonder why this ‘policy’ was not mentioned on the website nor during our meeting to discuss prices.

Once my sessions began I noticed each was lasting around 45 minutes and not the 60 minutes for which I had paid and so I asked Nick why this was so.  He responded saying each session is between 45 minutes and 60 minutes at which point I specifically requested for my sessions to be the 60 minutes I was paying for. He refused, stating he could not guarantee session length since they simply lasted however long his plan took.

Let’s examine this point.  I was paying £40 for one hour of personal training or £33.33 with the return of my £80 deposit yet only received 75% of that for which I had paid.  Therefore, Nick failed to deliver on more than £8 of training each session which would have equated to my losing out on £100 of training over the 12 sessions.

However, since I had paid in advance I was stuck and had no option but to continue losing money each and every week. As the sessions continued and the weekly 43 minutes totted up I came to realise he was a cocky and rude individual who, I quote- ‘doesn’t care whether I lose weight or not, he’s been paid regardless.’

I had increasing anxiety prior to each session and felt deflated and demotivated after each session and consequently didn’t enjoy it at all. Nick was not particularly friendly and his judgemental manner made me feel very uncomfortable.

I felt I had been completely shafted and taken advantage off and so decided I did not want my last 2 sessions. I emailed Nick requesting that my Mum use my final two hours as four 30 minute sessions. He said she could only have three 30 minute sessions.  This clearly demonstrates that Nick planned to deliver on only 75% of the training for which I had paid.

We ended up in an email feud and just prior to my father engaging our lawyers he backed down and let my mum have the four sessions and, 6 weeks later I received my deposit back but overall I still lost £83.

In conclusion, my experience at LEP was dreadful and one I would not recommend. I apologise for the negativity however if I had found an honest and thorough review like this one, I would not have approached him in the first place.


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