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Review: Citrus Zinger

Copy me this month with a Citrus Zinger.

My new obsession is this water bottle made by Zing Anything. It is a really cool bottle which features a Citrus press at the bottom, which unscrews to allow you to fill your bottle with fruit, ice and flavors to suit your mood, meaning NO MORE BORING WATER!

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If you’re like me and you get sick of water and it often fails to clench your thirst, start infusing your water with fruit for a summery and refreshing beverage, that’s also healthy.

I absolutely love my Citrus Zinger, especially for work and the gym since it’s large, sturdy and looks awesome! It comes in a variety of colours too- green, orange and fuchsia. I chose green since I think it looks really fresh and pretty contrasting with the fruits.

My flavor of the moment is lime and cucumber but mix it up with whatever takes your fancy. I’ve tried lime and lemon, orange and strawberry and just cucumber for a refreshing hit.

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This is a great alternative to fizzy and sugar filled fruit drinks and lemon water is a great way to suppress cravings.

I bought mine from Firebox, which is a recommended retailer from Zing Anything, since they do struggle with counterfeit products it’s best to check authorised retailers first.  The advantage of shopping with Firebox is you do get a 10% student discount! (That’s is if you’re a student, lol)

Copy me and bring the summer with you this fall.

‘When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your water bottle!’


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